At establishment

At establishment Possibility of complications is excluded.

Chicken pox, whooping cough, mumps Chicken pox.

The first symptom of a disease some characteristic face and body spots similar to ordinary spots, but on some of them are available tiny yellow water blisters.

Basis of a heatspot and skin around the reddened.

Blisters burst, dry up and the crust is formed.

At establishment of the diagnosis the doctor looks for among the driedup blisters such at which the head is still whole.

New blisters appear within days.

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To the child, whose

To the child, whose Children should explain that though parents leave, children will still belong to both and both will regularly see.

For each of parents quite naturally to consider that another is guilty of a gap, and to try to convince of it children.

For children to be convinced that one of parents the bad the whole tragedy.

To the child, whose parents dispersed, the same belief in them, as well as to the child growing in a closeknit family is necessary.

But, even, if one of parents managed to win round the son or the daughter, he is expected by danger to lose love of the child when he reaches more maturity usually teenage period when all its feelings in relation to close people undergo various basic changes; the child can unexpectedly start back from that from parents to which he was devoted all the time, and to go over on other party.

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They are replaced

They are replaced Boys of years play cruel games more orderly.

Playing war or Cowboys and Indians, they are divided into teams, establish rules.

Is more senior than boys do not satisfy game any more.

They are replaced by sport, organized competitions and debate, etc.

For these kinds of activity aggressive instincts too are necessary, but they are very strictly subordinated to a set of rules and conventions.

In other words, if the twoyearold child beats another on the head or the fouryearold child pretends that shoots at you from the gun, or the nineyearold child with pleasure reads stories about war, they pass through necessary stages of development and taming of the aggressive instincts which will make them worthy citizens.

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It is, as a rule, caused

It is, as a rule, caused However parents will help the child to get rid of the irritation and sense of guilt if sometimes tell him that its feelings understand see section .

A falling asleep problem aged from three to five.

It is, as a rule, caused by jealousy of parents.

Often the child wakes up at night and persistently asks parents to take him to them in a bed because subconsciously does not want that they remained together.

For the child and for parents better immediately and firmly, but without irritation to return it to own bed.

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Other tragic

Other tragic How you think thanks to what the happy balanced teenager can control the behavior?

Thanks to his consciousness.

If you want to prevent development in your child of the normal jet consciousness allowing it to control the behavior build your relations with the child on retaliatory to a basis.

Regulate his behavior generally shouts, slaps, birches, especially the last.

Other tragic consequence of corporal punishments an identification of with an aggressor.

It also the mechanism allowing to avoid sense of guilt.

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